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Rhetorical Sample

Rhetorical Sample Multiple Draft Cases:

Case R001D: Philip Morris Announcement of Suit against ABC and Day One.

Case R002D: Philip Morris Memorandum Announcing a Nationwide Ad Campaign.

Case R004D: Tobacco Industry Claims that the Verdict is Still Out on Links between Smoking and Health.

Case R005D: Club Benson and Hedges Q&A (Marketing Tool).

Case R010D: Second-Hand Smoking Public Relations Packet.

Case R012D: Report on "Motive and Incentives in Cigarette Smoking".

Case R014D: Internal RJR Report about Smoking and Health.

Case R020D: Video Script for Camel World.

Case R021D: Presentation to Tobacco Retailers and Wholesalers.

Case R022D: Response to Ashes to Ashes: America's Hundred Year Cigarette War, the Public Health, and the Unabashed Triumph of Philip Morris.

Case R023D: "Cigarette Smoking and the Addiction Controversy: Why Do Opinions Differ?".

Case R025D: Press Release Response to EPA's Assessment of "Environmental Tobacco Smoke".

Case R026D: Press Release Response to Preliminary EPA Report.

Case R030D: 'Cigarettes are safe' Memorandum to Philip Morris Employees.

Case R035D: Philip Morris Responds to Accusations of Ammonia Misuse.

Case R037D: "A Frank Statement to the Public by the Makers of Cigarettes".

Case R039D: Joe Camel is Legally Vindicated, a Press Announcement.

Case R040D: RJR Newsletter, "Peaceful Times".

Case R047D: "Tobacco and the Health of a Nation".

Case R048D: "The Cigarette Controversy".

Case R050D: Lorillard's Announcement about "Safer" Cigarettes.

Case R054D: Tobacco Industry Congressional Committee Statement about Advertising.

Case R055D: TIRC Presentation Contests Anti-Smoking Evidence.

Case R061D: Lorillard Scientific Report about Second-Hand Smoke.

Case R079D: Press Release Assuring Safety of Cigarette Ingredients to Public.

Case R082D: Cipollone Trial Report.

Case R084D: Letter to Senator Chilcote Concerning Youth Smoking.

Case R085D: Philip Morris Form Letter to Smoker Advocates.

Case R086D: Press Release about the First Time Tobacco Companies are Forced to Pay Damages to an Individual.

Case R097D: Gum Palm Trial Press Release.

Rhetorical Sample Cross Audience Cases:

Case R001A: Philip Morris Sues ABC and Day One.

Case R011A: Testimony and Memorandum by Bill Campbell.

Case R027PRA: External Press Briefing and Internal Review on the EPA's Imminent Release of a Study on Smoking and Health.

Case R028PRA: Tobacco Institute Response to Surgeon General Koop's Report.

Case R029PRA: Philip Morris Announces Release of Cigarette Ingredients List.

Case R031A: RJR Addresses Nicotine Addiction Allegations.

Case R032A: Internal Letter and External Press Release by RJR's James Johnston.

Case R033PRA: Philip Morris Challenges FDA Jurisdiction.

Case R034PRA: Philip Morris Response to Wall Street Journal Article on Ammonia and Nicotine.

Case R036PRA: Tobacco Institute Criticizes EPA's Report on Passive Smoking.

Case R038PRA: Joe Camel Ad Campaign Vindicated.

Case R041PRA: Philip Morris Addresses Allegations of Manipulation of Nicotine Levels.

Case R042A: Letter and Executive Summary on the Subject of ABC's Day One Story.

Case R045PRA: RJ Reynolds Undermines "Smoke Free Environment Act".

Case R051PRA: The Tobacco Institute Responds to Federal Trade Commission Concerns about Tar.

Case R052A: Internal Philip Morris Report and External Tobacco Institute Statement on Tar and Nicotine.

Case R053A: Tobacco Institute Response to Congressional Hearing on Possible Advertisement Ban.

Case R083A: Legal Responses to Tobacco Advertising Ban.

Case R092A: "Helping Youth Decide" Materials.

Case R093PRA: Tobacco Institute Responds to "Smoking and Health" Report.

Case R095PRA: American Brands Annoucement of Cipollone Decision.

Case R096PRA: Press Release and Memo Announcing Cipollone Verdict.

NIH-NCI Tobacco-Documents Project at the University of Georgia (Grant # 1 RO1 CA87490-01). Please contact Cati Brown for more information concerning the rhetorical cases.