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Plot Significant Differences Between Document Groupings

This tool allows you to determine whether particular words or phrases are dominant in one group of documents compared to the document corpus as a whole. You can select groups according to decade, industry source, and target audience. Output includes graphs of raw frequencies and relative frequencies of the terms you select, as well as z-scores to assist in determining if the difference from the norm is statistically significant. Follow the blue hyperlinks to the Glossary page for additional information.
1. List Terms to Examine:

Put your terms here. Because of the statistic used, you must choose a single term type, either words or collocations . Collocations are denoted by hyphenation: tobacco-smoke, lung-cancer . If you forget, the computer will limit analysis to the first term type it encounters.
2. Select Data Groups to Examine:

Grouped by Decades
Grouped by Half Decades
Grouped by Shifted Decades
Grouped by Industry Source
Internal vs External Audiences
Named vs Unnamed Audiences
Bliley and Undated Documents
3. or

NIH-NCI Tobacco-Documents Project at the University of Georgia (Grant # 1 RO1 CA87490). The scripts run by this server are the invention of Clayton Darwin using Python . All graphical displays are created on the fly using ChartDirector© from ASE .