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Input: Key Words in Context Concordance (KWIC)

This tool allows you to search for specific words in document sets you select. The search is performed only on the document data (not the meta data). The output displays the key word(s) in red surrounded by their contexts. You can also display the entire document in which a particular word-in-context appears by clicking the corresponding hpyerlink. Words (or terms) are defined as any single word or any set of words grouped by double quotation marks. For example, the following are words: tobacco, "tobacco control", "tobacco control policy" . Follow the blue hyperlinks to the Glossary page for additional information.
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American Tobacco
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Council for Tobacco Research
Tobacco Institute
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NIH-NCI Tobacco-Documents Project at the University of Georgia (Grant # 1 RO1 CA87490). The scripts run by this server are the invention of Clayton Darwin using Python . All graphical displays are created on the fly using ChartDirector© from ASE .